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  1. Anonymous20:52

    Hey EVAsim! Just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to your Riga X scenery. I hear it's not going to be released untill the entire (!!) Town of Riga is build. Thats no Problem because we all know, good things need time. And a lot of people will appreciate your eye for detail.I bet you it will be worth the wait. Take all the time you need. Byeeee!

  2. Thanks for your patience of waiting and sorry for late answer if so. The entire city takes more time to develop than airport itself I have not updated it yet simply because town is going to be as an update only. We are building FS9 version instead just to get the product on to the shelves.
    Again thanks for waiting and be sure that I'm doing all to get it done as quick as I can. All depends on time I have. Some days I can spend 5 minutes only, some nothing and some full day on it.

  3. Anonymous12:16

    As the town is going to be an update later on anyway, why not release the airport now? I hate to wait any longer! The anonymous before me said it was no problem to wait for the town, but I do not agree with that. It is a problem and I want to have the airport!

  4. Hi,
    I hate wait too. You will have the airport I promise. Believe me, I wait the airport release more than anyone else in the community. Im trying to do the best for it, I cannot release the airport if the problem exist, the problem can be single tree in the scene or making paperwork before release. Everything needs to be sorted. A single blooper can turn all green "Likes" into red "Dislikes" which is very bad for first time business entry and for further reputation.
    The airport is not a great and sweet cake already and I have no any wish to turn it into total dogs poo..
    So Please, be a bit more patience, I will announce release date in a week or week after.
    Again, thanks for your patience and time. This is real support of you..

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Hi Martin,
    Unfortunately your comment has been deleted accidently. Sorry about this.
    My group's credo is not to look at somebody else, not to test with PMDG, not to test with FTX and REX.
    It is very SIMPLE why. Because I and my team members are not responsible for their product we do not guarantee good co-run of their product and Product of EVAsim.
    Yes, the same as PMDG and REX did not provide any performance test results using FTX or REX together...
    We are 3rd party developers which means:
    1st party - Microsoft Flight Sim 9/FSX
    2nd party - User
    3rd party - independent developer.

    Also there is no need to test it as Beta or demo, we have plenty of PCs of different configurations to determine minimum requirements and test within the team as by different from main artist eye.

    Again Sorry for your comment removal.. It was stupid accident.. My finger nerve went wrong.. ))))

  7. Anonymous09:40

    By the way, can you let me know whether jetways will be operated in your scenery? Ctrl + J or using the tool like SODE (

    Thanks in advance for your response

  8. Hi Anonymous 09:40,
    Unfortunately Jetways are static in FS9 and FSX. Simple why, because I very liked my light splash that represents shadows from jetways and other surroundings. I will make P3Dv2 version of Riga and animated jetways will be developed there. With Version of Riga for P3Dv2 Im going to Update everything else and If users will ask for animated FSX jetways then they going to be there.

  9. It could be great that the jetways are animated, similarly as it's done in the Scansim scenery of Copenhagen Kastrup for example. Thanks in advance for considering this issue.

  10. Another question - is it possible to turn on the approach lights using the specific NAV2 frequency or they will light up only in certain weather conditions / dusk / night?

  11. Hi Martin,
    I made a note of your suggestion for an update, thank you.
    Yes, they will lit up only at dusk/night/dawn.

  12. Hello,

    Three questions concerning the new scenery:

    -> is it possible to de-activate textures of city? Till the update I prefer to have the ones generated by FTX and thus I 'd like to leave the airport surroundings only

    -> I noticed that there are no signs indicating taxiways such Q, R, S or T - on this film it's clearly show that they exist: - can you confirm that all signs, which take place in real world, are placed or will be placed in your scenery?

    -> probably there is little different numbering of stands near the apron 3 than on the official charts, for example on charts there are 41 and 42 - can you confirm that your scenery includes the most updated aerodrome/parking charts?

    And the last thing which I'm not sure, but I'd like to consult it - as far as I know the approach lights to rwy 36 are adapted to cat II, so is it possible to check if the approach lights should also include the center flashing light?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

  13. Guys, sorry about Bugs. The Product is temporary out of stock of Simmarket. We are workin on all of your suggestions and Riga going to be back soon for an update.. Plus V2 is in the oven. You all really attacked me. Never mind, I have an expensive Lighter that I purchased in branded shop, unfortunately I cannot lit the cigarette just because it was made in china )))) Keep calm and I'll fix Riga.